Cow milk is a storehouse of health and nutritious wonders. Packed with nutrients like calcium, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fat, all of these are extremely vital for the development and growth of our body.



There are 500+ cows that are milked twice a day before the milk goes in for pasteurization


Quality checks are made at every step of the packaging process to ensure that the milk you’re getting is fresh, pure & delicious


Our milk is currently distributed in Delhi NCR, and nothing brings us greater joy than knowing that all our customers can ‘Taste the goodness’ every day with Healthways

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Fresh, safe and filled with the goodness of health! Proud to deliver the best of cow and buffalo milk
packed in our Healthways bottles.


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Cows at Healthways Farms are milked using internationally followed ‘Clean Milking’ procedures. Milking is done without any human intervention.

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The milk is tested in our labs and is directly packed in the bottle to maintain the quality and hygiene of the milk.

Standards & Practices

The fresh and hygienic milk is delivered every morning to your homes within hours of milking.


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Currently serving in Noida, U.P. in the Delhi NCR region, Healthways serves you the goodness of milk right at your doorstep. Just register with us on our App and enjoy farm fresh milk everyday without any hassle.

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  • 1800 - 1206 - 901