Curd Goes With Everything: Ways to Consume Curd

By:- Healthways    Date: 27-Jun-2019

Curd Goes With Everything: Ways to Consume Curd

Curd is a universal food. A dairy product, curd is stacked with nutrients and exhibits a wide range of health benefits. With significant levels of probiotics, curd promotes digestive health and stimulates immunity. It helps in managing your weight as well as appetite. Curd helps in improving your gut, manages blood pressure, regulates cholesterol levels and prevents hypertension. It also gives your skin a radiant glow. It also keeps you hydrated and energized. It has a very soothing effect on your body and keeps you cool. Being mindful of the nutrition in curd, it should definitely form a part of your daily diet.

Impressively health-giving, the importance of curd cannot be neglected. You can plump for variable ways of consuming curd and incorporate in your diet very conveniently. Here are some suggestions:

 Curd Rice: Traditional and popular dish, curd rice is loaded with nutritive values. With the goodness of curd, it promotes healthy gut and eases digestive tract. It cures upset stomach too. Easy to prepare, you just have to combine curd, milk, vegetables and mix with the mashed rice and top with the tempering. Served chilled, curd rice maintains body temperature and cools your body. The antioxidants in curd boost immunity and relives from stress and anxiety.

Curd Dip: Delicious and feasible to cook, curd dipis a healthy snack. Low in calories and high on nutrition, itis highly preferred. It’s prepared by mixing hung low fat curd with onion, capsicums, celery, cucumber and carrots and served chilled. Curd aids in digestion and weight loss. It also helps increase energy levels in the body, it’s refreshing and add flavors to your food.

Pudding: An innovative way of incorporating curd in your diet is pudding. Puddings are extremely delicious and curd enhances the goodness and nutritive values. Curd is an amazing probiotic, it eases digestion and promotes stronger immunity. It improves gut health and gives you a naturally glowing skin. Low fat curd can make pudding a healthy option.

Popsicles: Popsicles are here to cool you this summer. Popsicle is a fancy way to stay away from heat. Curd can also be used for preparing popsicles. Curd cools your body, improves gut and cognitive functions.Give thepopsicle a healthy twist by combining low fat curd, coconut sugar and any fruits of your choice and pour them in the popsicle mould and freeze.

Lassi: The most refreshing summer fluid is lassi. Its cooling properties make it even more desirable. Lassi is churned out of curd is extremely beneficial. It helps with digestion, prevents stomach bloating and stimulates immunity. Low in calories, lassi can be enjoyed in various flavors. A chilled glass of lassi protects you from the scorching heat.

Smoothies: Prepared from curd and fresh or pureed fruits, smoothies are nutritive and easy to make. Loaded with nutrients, it improves bone health and makes you feel full. It keeps you well hydrated and elevates the energy levels in your body. It detoxifies your body and enhances the quality of your skin and stimulates immunity. Smoothies are a rich source of antioxidants and very healthful. Grab this refreshing fluid and bid-adieu to the heat.

Curd is literally a super food. It can be combined with various meals and eaten in multiple forms. The health benefits offered by curd are endless. The importance of curd cannot be denied. So, make substantial efforts to inculcate curd into your daily meals and keep in the best of your health!