Pure White Nutrition -World Milk Day

By:- Healthways    Date: 27-Jun-2019

Pure White Nutrition -World Milk Day

The World Milk Day is celebrated globally every year on June 1. This day was actually established by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in order to mark the importance of milk as a global food and since 2001, it has been celebrated on the first day of June.

On a very surprising note, the World Milk Day is an event which does not follow a specific theme worldwide. Instead, different countries, governments and non-governmental organizations have to pick a theme of their own. World Milk Day 2019 theme in India is “Raise a glass of milk”.

India is known to be the largest producer of milk. Worldwide the Milk Day is celebrated on 1st June while in our country National Milk Day is observed on November 26th. This day also marks the birth anniversary of Dr Verghese Kurien, the Father of White Revolution in India.

The first time, World Milk Day was observed was in the year of 2001 and started with an aim to reiterate the need and importance of milk in people’s daily diet.

Some of the primary objectives of the World Milk Day:

1. To spread information regarding the need and importance of milk in an individual’s life.
2. To celebrate the different aspects of the day by organizing a range of activities for the same.
3. To celebrate and promote the contribution, importance of milk and its dairy products in various industries, the economy and people’s lives.

This particular day activities and events are organized all over the world to establish the importance of milk for a person’s overall health and body. All the nutrients required in a healthy and balanced diet are contained in this white drink called milk. Milk is enriched with nutrients like calcium, protein, vitamin B2, potassium and iodine. And it’s not just the milk but many other products which are made from milk such as ghee, cottage cheese and yogurt satisfy the taste buds and add essential nutrients to the body as well. These products have a huge impact in increasing the motivation and desire to include dairy foods in their diet. Milk is also the first food of a baby to man, therefore, it’s an important part of a child’s diet for better health and growth.

Basically, the date June 1 was chosen as the official date because it was discovered that many countries were already celebrating a milk day during that time of the year. Originally, the end of May was proposed to mark this day but after several discussions, all the countries came down to June 1 to be celebrated as World Milk Day. Quoting FAO, World Milk Day is intended to provide an opportunity to bring attention to activities that are connected with the dairy sector.

Here’s to the World Milk Day 2019!