Six Hacks to Beat the Summer Heat

By:- Healthways    Date: 27-Jun-2019

Six Hacks to Beat the Summer Heat

Season which brings the joy of having an ice creams and beach activities, it soon turns into the time of the year when all the fluffy clouds drifts apart from sparkling sun making it enlightened and creating warm and fuzzy summer days. In such extreme humidity and scorching heat, it becomes difficult to perform any outdoor work or activity. Hence to beat the heat and avoid heat stroke, we have come up with six hacks and trips to remain chilled, despite of the shooting temperature outside.

Hacks To Beat the Summer Heat

  • Make Your Own Body Mist:Take a medium sized spray bottle filled with plain water and add few drops of peppermint extract in it. Yes, it’s that simple! So, whenever you feel hot, just simply use it as a body mist by spraying around the neck, wrist,on checks and forehead. Since mint has natural cooling properties, it will make you feel cool soon the water gets evaporated after spraying.
  • Refrigerate Aloe Ice Cubes: You must be already aware that how soothing aloe vera is to skin and when it’s used in this life saver hacks it can do wonders to sunburn. For that, pour in the aloe gel in ice cubes tray and freeze it. Later on, you can use the aloe ice cubes to apply on your skin to treat the sun damage, sun burn or rashes caused due to the extreme hot weather.
  • Keep The Drinks Cool:To get benefited from this summer hack, you have to slice lemon into circular pieces and put it in the freezer! Later, these slices can be used to keep the drinks cool by dripping it the glass of water. It won’t give the chilling feel like ice but it’s a fun and refreshing hack to keep the summer drinks cool.
  • Choose Healthy Cold Beverages: Instead of choosing hot tea or coffee, make a smart choice by choosing cool milkshakes, iced tea, cold coffee, chilled coconut water, mint water or infused water. This smart choice can create the big difference while making you adjusted in this hot water. The reason it holds is, all the listed cold beverage examples serves cold nature offering the refreshing mood.
  • Apply Curd To Your Hair and Body Before Taking Shower: Applying curd to your hair and body 20-25 minutes before taking shower can work as a soothing agent. Curd is the most popular probiotic food that lowers down the body temperature making it feel cool and refreshed.
  • Try And Instill Cooling Herbs While Cooking:Herbs like mint, coriander, holy basil and lemon balm are the most pronounced herbs used in Indian cooking due to the cooling properties it have to serve and none the these herbs have advantage to treat stomach inflammation which directly leads to body cooling internally.

There’s no doubt that summer is a terrific weather as it poses a threat leading to extreme discomfort! Wheatear you are out for work or at home preparing meals, the sweat makes each and every activity full of anxiety. In order to leave such discomforts behind, try executing the above discussed hacks to beat the summer heat!